Your 2012 Resolution? Refinish your Hardwood Floor!

The holidays are over, it’s been a busy season no doubt! And if your existing hardwood floor has not been refinished in a few years, it’s showing signs of wear and tear. This is a perfect time of year to consider what a difference in your home it will make to refinish your floor. A truly FRESH START! We offer free in-home estimates, and would love the opportunity to talk with you, and discuss the needs of your specific floor. As described on our website, our system is DUST-FREE! So our work sanding your floor will make no extra dust in your home!

Our customers are thrilled with this system, because we can work in your home, sand, stain, and finish your floor…and after allowing just a few hours for your floor to dry, you can settle back in and just enjoy the beauty of a clean, fresh, NEW-LOOKING floor without any additional cleaning!

Speaking of “CLEAN” and “DUST-FREE”…this may be the year you plan to make your home cleaner, and offer yourself and your family the opportunity to live in a more healthy environment. This begins first by replacing existing carpet with hardwood flooring. We will take the time to explain your options, and find the hardwood that is right for you and your home.

Right now we are working all over the Salt Lake Valley, Park City, Davis County, and Utah County…We usually can respond to your bid request very quickly and meet with you within a day or two. Happy New Year from all of us at Woody’s Hardwood Flooring…we DO look forward to helping make this year a beautiful year in your HOME!