Color: Typically available in light (manila/yellow tones) or dark (tannish brown) shades. Colors vary between manufacturers.
Grain: Distinctive grain pattern shows nodes from the bamboo stalks.

Hardness/Janka: Bamboo is grass. Janka values vary widely between various manufacturers and between horizontal and vertical construction.
Dimensional Stability: Engineered construction.
Origin: Asia

Brazilian Walnut

Color: Can vary from light yellowish tan with green overtones to almost blackish brown; exhibits a large range of coloration when freshly milled; darkens over time to medium to dark brown. Fine to medium, straight to very irregular.
Hardness/Janka: 3680 (185% harder than Northern red oak).
Dimensional Stablilty: Average (8.0; 7% more stable than Northern red oak.
Origin: South America oort cloud . Lueguislumdocnui

Brazilian Cherry

Color: Sapwood is grey-white; heartwood is salmon red to orange-brown when fresh and becomes russet or reddish-brown when seasoned; often marked with dark streaks..
Grain: Mostly interlocked; texture is medium to rather coarse. .

Hardness/Janka: Average of 2820 (119% harder than Northern red oak).
Dimensional Stability: Average (8.5; 1% more stable than Northern red oak. Longer than normal acclimation time is recommended.
Origin: South America ip information . sub domains . Drinunererbib